At the Drugstore

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration estimates that counterfeit drugs account for up to 10% of all drugs sold in the United States.  Despite ongoing regulatory improvements, studies show that counterfeiting, illegal diversion and theft incidents within the pharmaceutical industry are on the rise.  The Gioconda Law Group understands the enormous effort that pharmaceutical companies undertake in researching, developing and promoting their valuable products, and we want to help protect their distinctive brands from the proliferation of subpar and dangerous counterfeits.  Mr. Gioconda has represented some of the largest pharmaceutical companies in the world in trademark litigation and counseling.  We understand the complex and dynamic nature of pharmaceutical counterfeiting and are equipped to react to threats with cost-effective solutions.


We recognize that counterfeit pharmaceuticals are one of the deadliest areas of concern for brand owners and the public in general.  We believe that every pharmaceutical client’s unique products deserves a comprehensive brand protection strategy.  To this end, we are able to assist our pharmaceutical clients in developing a comprehensive brand protection strategy or aid in building on their existing brand protection program.