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Fashion1New York City is one of the fashion world’s great centers of design and commerce.  It serves as the global headquarters to over 800 fashion companies, more than double that of Paris or Milan.  New York also boasts America’s best fashion schools and is home to some of the world’s largest fashion publications.

Located at the center of the fashion world in the New York Garment District, the Gioconda Law Group assists leading fashion designers, retailers and luxury goods companies to guard against the insidious threat to their products and brands from unauthorized copying, piracy, counterfeiting, grey market distribution and channeling of spurious merchandise into illicit distribution channels.  There is no “one size fits all” solution to the counterfeiting and piracy problem, and that is particularly true in the fashion, apparel and luxury goods industry.  Therefore, we customize our recommended approach once we work with our clients to become familiar with all their distinctive fashion designs and product lines.

We have been privileged to work with world-renowned clients in sectors such as accessories and handbags, activewear, casual apparel, denim and jeans, dresses and eveningwear, fabrics and textiles, small leather goods, swimwear and beachwear, and many other specialty areas.  Each specialty presents challenges of its own, and the Gioconda Law Group can assist with these complexities and challenges.

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To better serve our fashion and luxury goods clients, the Gioconda Law Group maintains strong and collegial ties to a variety of industry groups, enforcement agencies, peer law firms and third parties located in other countries, including Asia, where many fashion fakes originate.  To share information and resources, the Group also maintains a network of links with many experts, both within the U.S. and abroad, all with established reputations in fashion piracy and counterfeit investigation, prevention, prosecution and litigation.  Our Fashion Industry Team also works closely with clients’ communications and public relations professionals and develops non-litigation strategies such as cease and desist and amnesty campaigns.
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The Gioconda Law Group sees protecting fashion and luxury designs as a core area of our practice.  Collectively, our attorneys and staff members have decades of experience working within the fashion industry.

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