An Elite Law and Consulting Firm Providing Brand Protection Litigation, Investigations, and Strategy to Clients in Dynamic Industries

The Gioconda Law Group PLLC provides high quality legal services to companies seeking to protect their intellectual property by designing, refining, and implementing an effective and integrated brand protection and anti-counterfeiting campaign. Our clients have included dozens of multinational corporations with world-famous, iconic brands, as well as newly established, fast growing companies. We are dedicated to safeguarding the value of all our clients’ trademarks and copyrights.

We protect the intellectual property of our clients who are leaders in dynamic industries such as fashion and luxury goods, footwear, jewelry and watches, electronics, pharmaceuticals, consumer products, sporting goods, fragrances, hospitality and leisure as well as the fine arts, software, and video games.

At the Gioconda Law Group, our goal is simple: to provide our clients with the service and experience of a large law firm, but with the focus and expertise of a boutique. Bringing together an experienced team of attorneys, investigators, paralegals, analysts and consultants, we aim to provide our clients with high quality brand protection legal services, while doing so as efficiently as possible.

Brand Protection Demands a Comprehensive Strategy

We understand that every client has unique products and services that require a thoughtful, custom-tailored brand protection strategy.  We work closely with every client to develop a thorough understanding of the specific ways that their products are marketed, advertised, sold, and distributed. Acting as a natural extension of our clients’ in-house legal and business team, we can assist our clients by creating and implementing a new brand protection campaign. We are also happy to assist clients looking to outsource particular components of their existing brand protection program.

Globe PuzzleAt the Gioconda Law Group, we define a comprehensive brand protection strategy as one that tackles the risks to a brand using all the channels available, from working alongside Customs and law enforcement agencies and using the civil court system, to managing media relationships and engaging in public education campaigns. When requested, we quickly determine the scope of the threat by using experienced private investigators and our clients’ employees to canvass the marketplace. We evaluate the commercial risks to the brands being compromised. Then, we plan and implement coordinated cease and desist campaigns, either as a prelude to litigation or as a wider enforcement tool used to complement other enforcement efforts. In appropriate circumstances, we bring civil lawsuits seeking  seizure of counterfeit goods and other remedies such as pre-judgment asset freezes.

We know that efficiency in brand protection litigation efforts is paramount, so we draft our pleadings, injunctions, and discovery requests in a way that allows us to take prompt action against potential offenders and reach appropriate resolutions expeditiously. We can create a computerized database for clients, providing them with counterfeit activity reports. We then use this data to help set priorities and focus our efforts.

Members of the Gioconda Law Group are also experienced in evaluating the hallmarks and indicia of authenticity that are used to differentiate counterfeit goods from genuine products. We can analyze a product’s security features, and recommend ways to improve these features. Or, where clients have not yet identified product differentiators or implemented security features, we can assist them in doing so. Working alongside our clients’ in-house legal and business teams, we can also develop and implement a customized investigative protocol to receive and pursue elusive information leads about counterfeit activities.

We share with our clients their ultimate goal: to advance their commercial interests by protecting their unique brands from counterfeiters and infringers around the world. To this end, we seek to examine all steps in the counterfeit distribution chain, locate the manufacturer or source of the counterfeit products, and gather and analyze information about the counterfeiters, their illicit activities, and the economic impact of those activities. Through this comprehensive strategy, we can help our clients fight counterfeiters today, and also help them develop long-term plans and programs that will protect their intellectual property assets for many years to come.

For more information, or to schedule a discussion about how we may be able to assist you to protect your brands, please contact us by or by phone at 212-786-7549.